Local Spotlight // Kung Food Chu’s Amera Asia


Kung Food Chu’s Amera Asia, located in Covington, Kentucky is definitely one of my new favorite unique hot spots for brilliant eats + drinks..  This asian fusion (Chinese + Taiwanese) house of noodle heaven, has brilliant menu items, drinks, knowledgable staff, and rad decor. The restaurant has a shotgun/galley style layout, with anime and Kung Foo films usually on the tele, with  paper lanters above the bar area, and surrounding small tables that are always full.

My love affair with Amera Asia began on my first experience there, on one of the hottest days in the Summer, and I still ordered one of the spiciest dishes I’ve ever had in Cincinnati to date. I engulfed it and loved it.  The heat is brilliant in each dish that I have tried at Amera Asia, and I can’t wait to continue to come here as the Fall and Winter seasons approach.

When we walked in we decided to dine at the bar. Not only does Amera Asia have amazing food, but a killer beer selection. Each time we  go into Amera Asia I try a different beer. Both quantity and quality are represented equally in their beer choices.

My favorite dishes right now are the veggie steamed dumplings, the vegan vegetable buns, buddha delight, How Fun noodles, the Veggie egg rolls,, Good Pot Stickers, and the Vegetables over Lo Mein. I usually get a spicy level of number 3 however, the spice level at Amera Asia goes up to ten, for all of you adventorous heat lovers.  Other dishes to try are  the Mapo Tofu over Rice, the Veg Pad Thai,  Sweet and Sour, Szechuan, and the Veg Brocco-Li.

If you dont want to go the vegetarian route, check out The Great Khan over lo mein, a mongolian beef dish, The Big Birds Nest – a Cantonese dish, General Chu’s Sesame Street Chicken, Kung Pow Chicken, the Cashew Chicken, and The Spare My Ribs –  which isa half rack of spare ribs covered in a thick, rich, brown sauce with minced garlic, topped with scallions, cilantro, a side of rice, and served on a bed of julienned veggies. I also cant wait to try the Zonxon Noodles, which is an asian Skyline like style 3 way.

It’s easy to see that I adore Kung Food Amera Asia, and I can’t wait to come back to try even more fiery dishes and brilliant brews.  Eaters, I guarantee you will love everything about this place. See you there!

PS they have T-shirts for you fellow Amera Asia fans* and yes, I have one.




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