Foodie Friday // City Girl on McGlasson Farms


Art to me comes in many different forms. In food, paintings, music, nature, fashion, and of course love.  I love dealing art and doing art appraisals, as I am an art history nerd after all.  However, if you have been following my blog or know me well, you also know I like to dabble in a lot of side projects that involve the outdoors, and or food. On top of being an art dealer, food lover, traveler, semi-model(eye roll), and blogger, I am also going to start helping around at McGlasson Farms.  McGlasson farms, is located in Hebron, Kentucky along the Ohio river, and is about thirty minutes from our downtown house.  Wanting more locally inspired recipes? YA! Me too, so instead of searching for them online, I decided to kick my heels off, and actually get to the root of where our food comes from. While picking apples, pumpkins, and tomatoes,  an idea came to mind to start writing  locally sourced recipes, test them out, and share them with all of you. I would also like to visit more farms local and afar, write about them and whip up even more recipes, host dinner parties, and communicate to my readers the spots on where to find the items used in the recipes. Bringing awareness back to the growth of the food that we so lovingly devour. So keep following our downtown journey,  trips to farms near and far, trips around the world, fashion ideas, updates on home life, more side projects, new restaurants, home decor, and more.   While my readers will still enjoy my city girl vibes, it’s also nice to get back to nature.  Find out where your food comes from, it makes cooking and eating an experience, a movement, and a story.  Food is art. Art is life. Food is life. 

Check the blog daily for all of the above including NEW locally sourced recipes, and a cook book in the works from yours truly.

Peace + Love,



Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 3.28.52 PM.png





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