Home Decor Inspo // Featuring Artist William Duebber + Confluence: a Malton Gallery Art Opening Benefiting Fiona




William Duebber
Vista West
Malton Gallery 
Acrylic On Canvas
48 x 48 inches
Price On Request




Out of Africa and into the heart of Cincinnati, a multi-discipline art, music and cultural EVENT, and FIONA too!
Malton Gallery  located at 3804 Edwards Road presents two OPENING NIGHTS for our CONFLUENCE event, November 9 and 10, 2017, 5-7pm.

Highlights will include art, ceramics, music and a certain celebrity Hippo. Fiona and African themed light bites, specialty drinks and fun surprises from Cincinnati Zoo are just some of delightful aspects of the show.

VALET PARKING will be available at the entrance of the Gallery for the OPENING EVENT.

This private OPENING features photographer, Fran Carlisle’s CINCINNATI-inspired, contemporary photographs. Classical pianist, Jonathan Carlisle will accompany select images with original musical compositions created specifically to express the qualities of the art and a special theme song for FIONA.

Exquisitely detailed African animal inspired ceramic sculptural vessels from artist collaborative ARDMORE will include hyper realistic animal and floral motifs. Special pieces will also be created, of our very own star hippopotamus, FIONA. One of the  artisans will be present to give a guest lecture on how this collaborative came to be and how art has changed the lives of this talented group of craftsmen and artists.

The November 9 and 10 GRAND OPENING event is very limited.

Reservations and a $100 donation are required. All Opening Night ticket proceeds go to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens for the exclusive needs and care of FIONA. Additionally, Malton Gallery and their artists will donate 10% of all the show’s proceeds to the Zoo.

Purchase Ticket HERE and check the Malton Gallery Facebook Page for updates and more 

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