Local Spotlight // Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey Bar



Pure gold has rushed to Cincinnati, with completely elevated frontier dishes brought to you by newly opened, Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey.   As soon as you walk into Boomtown, located in the Pendleton area of Downtown Cincinnati, OH, a  fresh aroma of biscuits ( as a full bakery is located directly under the restaurant) completely and thoroughly takes your senses on a trip into a modern day Western, that you will not want to leave.


Even walking up to Boomtown, the exterior, with the large windows, make you excited to enter into the hybrid of foodie comfort and updated classics, in the Wild Wild Foodie West of downtown Cincy. Once entering  Boomtown your eyes will be delighted and warmed with a flow of a beautiful two room dining area. Eventually make your way to the spectacular bar, where you can stake your claim in trying some of the cities best curated cocktails.

Cooking history and heart are evidently present in all that is of Boomtown.  For example, Chef Christian Gill’s  grandmother’s rolling pin hangs above the doors to the kitchen at Boomtown, to pay homage to the “OG baker of biscuits”.  Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey certainly is a perfect addition to Pendelton and will be my new spot for either early mornings or late nights, as they open at 7AM on some days. Now let’s talk foooood. Boomtown’s menu has instant favorites and dishes to swoon over, like the Yukon // Pick and Shovel Sandwhich: a Fried Chicken, sawmill gravy, fried egg, smoked cheddar, and thick cut bacon sandwiched between Boomtowns signature buttermilk biscuit. Another favorite of mine already is the Cold Shoes, where you literally get a flight of gravy…that’s right, a flight of their scrumptious selection of gravy. This dish is served of course, with two in house freshly baked biscuits. Hungry yet? The Oregon Trail” is also an amazing choice | a 5-spice roasted sweet potatoes + carmelized onions + cabbage + black kale + bulgogi sauce + egg + scallions + black sesame seeds.


Want add ons? Make sure to also order their smoked cheddar grits(GF), bacon, ancho chili potato hash,and the sugar cured ham. Another mouth-watering creation is the Fools gold, where local ham, bacon, two eggs (added) is wonderfully sandwiched between fresh perfectly cooked buttery biscuits. It is completely cast iron cooking at its best, and will definitely be a new known classic in this town.

Let’s not forget about desserts, try the cast iron blueberry and blackberry biscuit cobbler, the cast iron cinnamon roll, and the cascades: french toast biscuits, mixed berry compote, house whipped cream topped with powdered sugar. 28536761_10105492418685930_1686427960_n

I hope to see you at Boomtown soon, and I can’t wait to try more dishes that I know are just going to be golden. Strike it rich with flavors at Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey now. 


Location // 

Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey 

1201 Broadway (0.92 mi)

Cincinnati 45202
Highlights info row image
(513) 381-2666
Highlights info row image
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