Local Spotlight // Poke Hut OTR



I am always looking for vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants that I can walk to downtown. Poke Hut, located in Over-the-Rhine, is a perfect spot to check out for fresh flavor filled veggie as well as meat lover brilliantly marinated eats.  There is so much I want to try on Poke Hut’s menu. Poke Hut, a casual spot, has a menu with endless possibilities, magical sauces, which are definitely yum, yum indeed, and oh yes fried plantains. The weather is getting nicer, and although I strive to have a beach-ready body year round, Poke Hut definitely helps me continue to work on my temple and enrich my life with more healthy new favorites like seaweed salad, all of the signature bowls, the Tofu veggie bun slider, Charsu BBQ pork bun slider, Abuela Melba’s tostones (fried plantains), and their Taco Tuesday night special of yellowtail (Hamachi) Fish Taro Tacos featuring shells made in house with fresh taro root.

Tip // Definitely try one of Poke Hut ‘s signature bowls. Make your veggie dreams come true with their Honolulu Poke Signature Bowl  (Featured in the picture above)// Tofu veggies, avocado, rice, seaweed salad, cucumber, daikon, fried wonton, zucchini noodles, yum yum sauce and sweet miso.

If you are looking for guilt-free flavorful food – poke into Poke Hut. Now excuse me while I  finish my Poke Hut Signature bowl ( Oh yeah, I bought a large)

Also, make sure to grab bubble tea.


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Location // 

Phone: 513-975-0905

Hours: 11am – 8:30p Sun – Thurs, 11am – 10p Fri & Sat

Address: 1509 Race St., Unit #104, Cincinnati, OH 45202





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