Local Spotlight // Empowering Wednesdays Featuring Sylvia Rombis

I will be starting a new segment on the blog every other Wednesday that will  highlight empowering locals in Cincinnati, Ohio. 17634674_10208594879530232_1550379135690571015_n.jpgWith an evergrowing city, we have many people who inspire and empower. By spotlighting the shine in these empowering people,  I aspire these interviews to radiate onto my readers to revolutionize, further empower, and invigorate. This week I will be highlighting someone that I have known for years, who is a huge force in the art world, and who continues to encourage me in my pursuit of venturing the art world as a female art dealer + art appraiser.  I am excited to announce Sylvia Rombis of ADC art consultants as our first Empowering Wednesdays feature. If you or someone you know would like to be featured on Empowering Wednesdays, please scroll down to see how to do so :


Featured above Sylvia Rombis pictured with her sister and President/Owner of ADC, Litsa Spanos.

If you or  someone you know who is local, that you think should be featured on Empowering Wednesdays, please e-mail me at vvblair25@gmail.com with subject title as Empowering Wednesdays Submission. 




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