Foodie Friday // Cookbook of the Month: Salt,Fat,Acid,Heat By Samin Nosrat

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Tonight, I decided to stay inside, bundle up, and restore with a bit of green tea, writing, and  binge watching Samin Nosrat’s Netflix docu-series, based on her cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.  Samin Nosrat is an Iranian-American chef and food writer. She is also a regular food columnist for The New York Times Magazine.  Nosrat, through her series and cookbook,  has helped me further explore my cooking roots, she has helped me break down the chemistry of cooking and essentially flavor development, how to embrace classic and nostalgic dishes close to your heart, and how to treat each element of cooking with respect and appreciation. Nosrat’s cookbook is for every chef, and for those looking to know more than just the basics. She is THE female Chef readers should watch or continue to watch. Nosrat’s cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is most definitely January’s Cookbook of the Month and a cookbook that I have been searching for to give to my friends,family, and future generations. This is definitely the new cookbook to add to your collection . Nosrat reminds me to keep tasting and learning, I adore the vast amount of information and inside look highlighting different cultures and their connections. In the Heat epidsode, when Nosrat cooks tahdig with her mother, the entire ritual and tradition was so brilliant, it brought me back to my own roots and memories through cooking with my family.  In writing my cookbook, I have found gratitude and the ability to create twists on the beloved recipes taught to me by those close to me, like my Babushka. I remember watching my Babushka make kotletki,  a mini hamburger and Russian Comfort food growing up. My Babushka helped start my culinary journey at the age of six. Nosrat is now teaching me how to further master the crafts I have been taught.  Nosrat helps the reader and watcher get to a higher level of culinary love and understanding, that transcends beyond the dinner table and feeds the brain of novices, gourmands, and pros.

Buy the COOKBOOK Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat’s  >>> CLICK HERE 

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