Happy first day of Spring foodies!

Picnics are in our future, and I am happy to say that I will be going to The Takeaway for all of my sammie and snacking needs. Not only does this little deli, located on OTR’s Main street, have an amazing cream soda selection, obviously deli meats, they also take care of our veggie needs by offering one of the best Vegetarian sandwiches downtown. It’s called the Caprese Sandwich, and it is every bit of refreshing as you can imagine it to be. Looking to be creative? You can design your own sandwich. Another amazing suggestion if you’re feeling hungry today – get the BLT.

Now that I think of it, I may have to grab another sandwich for dinner tonight.

Head to The Takeaway today.

Location //

1324 Main Street
Cincinnati 45202


unnamed-11Looking for the bakery known in the city for their brilliant cinnamon buns, cakes, muffins, and savory pastries? Head to Brown Bear Bakery in the historic Over the Rhine, located at 116 E. 13th Street.  I have been awaiting the opening of Brown Bear Bakery and completely swooned over every cake, muffin, tart, and more. I was completely in awe of how gorgeously curated everything was, and as we entered my mind was on overload. I wanted to try everything. I am a sucker for everything design in all aspects. The bakery is so very fresh and inviting, it really showcases Brown Bear Bakery’s pure culinary art. When Saturday morning came, I jumped out of bed and got ready to head to the bakery for a chance to try the coveted gooey orange zest topped cinnamon bun. We were able to grab a cinnamon bun as well as their coffee cake. After ordering, we ate outside in what may actually be one of my favorite coffee spots in the city right now. We more than enjoyed the coveted cinnamon buns. They really are the most delicious cinnamon buns I believe I have ever had.



Brown Bear Bakery baker and owner Blair Fornshell, and partner Chaske Haverkos, who handles the business end of Brown Bear,  are more than paving the way with the brick and mortar, Brown Bear Bakery, in this culinary town. When Justin and I first approached Brown Bear Bakery, a scene from the movie Chocolat came to mind. Chocolat a swoon worthy food enthusiast guilty pleasure of mine admittedly. Directed by Lasse Hallström, Chocolat, is a film set in a small village in France where the town is purely in awe of its new shop, and the marvelous amounts of flavors that end up filling the cites soul as well as their bellies.  Brown Bear Bakery brings about that same amount of excitement and magic, packaged in either a sweet or savory. CLICK HERE FOR  the rest of the review of >>>>>>// BROWN BEAR BAKERY





27460056_1650537521659775_6092355001944895521_nMy weekends just got a whole lot better. Salazar, one of my favorite restaurants in Cincinnati, just rolled out a new brunch menu that will literally awaken your senses. Not only are the dishes beautifully plated, but the flavors make you feel like you’re witnessing and being a part of new breakfast classics. As soon as we entered Jose Salazar’s restaurant, I couldn’t put my camera down. The aesthetic of the place, including the gorgeous tile, is more than Instagram-worthy. As soon as we sat down, I couldn’t wait to look at the perfectly curated menu.

We started our brunch with a mimosa and an out of this world perfectly spiced Bloody Mary. We then ordered the Eggs Benedict // Ham, Spinach, Hollandaise, poached eggs, English muffin, chives. We had a side of the well known Salazar fried brussels sprouts, with pimento, complete with their delicious yuzu aioli, for dipping.  We also ordered the frittata with grilled onions, pickled pepper, kale, aged cheddar, arugula, and fennel. We couldn’t just didn’t stop there though.27459128_1650537738326420_2837137884479996016_n

Most of the dishes we had were vegetarian as the Chef was more than able to accommodate my friends dietary wishes.  However, I also saw on the menu and  absolutely had to order the braised pork belly with pickled blueberries, chicharrones, topped with a fried egg and a maple gastrique. The maple gastrique completely sparked fireworks in my mouth, and needless to say this dish completely made my taste buds do a happy dance. I would have to say that the pork belly along with the Eggs Benedict, and the Croque Madame– slow roasted turkey breast, Swiss mornay, maple syrup, fried egg, on challah bread, were some of my favorite dishes on the brunch menu. They are complete perfection. It is actually hard to pick a favorite, as all of the dishes have completely swoon-worthy flavors. We also had a refreshing farm green salad to clean our palette, topped with apples, cucumber, marinated manchego cheese, and a walnut dressing.

This brunch will definitely make you want to jump out of bed on the weekends. Salazar’s restaurant is absolutely more than vegetarian friendly. The atmosphere, people, and especially the eats make this a perfect spot for your next brunching session.

Gourmet brunch within a couple blocks from my house, this is why I adore downtown life.  Happy Foodie Friday! Awaken your taste buds at Salazar, located in OTR.






The Holidays are among us and with celebrations and gatherings coming up quickly in the social calendar, I asked Daniel Souder, the co-owner of Pleasantry, Wine Director / Sommelier & Business Development at 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab + Pleasantry, to take over the blog and find what wines our readers must add to their collection this Season.

Below is an in-depth look of wonderment, bringing your palate across the pond to Burgundy, FR all the way back to Paso Robles, CA. Looking for a “sparkling natural”? A lovely bottle is also on the list. Make sure to visit Daniel  and his amazingly knowledgeable, and creative team at Pleasantry.  If wine and food is a gift to the universe, meet where both arts collide beautifully and boldly, at

5 Wines to Add to your Collection this Fall

By Daniel Souder

Fall has quickly become my favorite time of year. The Summer heat dissipates, football & the NBA start new seasons, and the wines I drink shift ever so slightly, right into a nice balance between light & chuggable to a little more grip, earth & dark fruits (plenty of acidity never changes!).

Read More HERE 



Pure gold has rushed to Cincinnati, with completely elevated frontier dishes brought to you by newly opened, Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey.   As soon as you walk into Boomtown, located in the Pendleton area of Downtown Cincinnati, OH, a  fresh aroma of biscuits ( as a full bakery is located directly under the restaurant) completely and thoroughly takes your senses on a trip into a modern day Western, that you will not want to leave …..




Jean Robert de Cavel + Richard Brown’s Restaurant, L


Arctic char “Viennoise,” foudue of spinach, carrot vichy, beech mushrooms, beurre blanc, and jasmine rice.


Scallop, pork belly, glazed turnip, English peas, basil, young ginger broth.


I had been anticipating  the opening of restaurant L since I first heard of the collaboration between Richard Brown and Jean Robert de Cavel.  The restaurant located in the Great American Building in downtown, Cincinnati, Ohio, where the food scene (biased or not) is killing it, is everything I had imagined. As soon as you walk into the building, the lobby leading into the restaurant, with its high ceilings, engages its guests from the beginning and prepares them for a night full of artful elegance.

As you enter the restaurant, the high ceilings and lux colors continue into the lounge/bar area where cocktails to pair make for a great start to a truly marvelous experience. I have always adored the nights where I can dust off my jewels and wear a fantastic dress. This is most definitely the place to do just that. After you have had a cocktail or two, or a bit of conversation, when your table is ready you are led to the main dining room, passing through gorgeous doors. It is hard to not have your breath taken away as soon as you enter the dining room. The attention to detail was very evident as everything was completely flawless, from the flowers, Bernardaud China, art, glassware, to the Christian Lacroix wallpaper.

The entire night was an artful experience, as the service was an art form indeed as well. Also I would like to mention, a lovely soul during dinner brought over a little bench to rest my purse on (I love when that happens, it’s the little things that delight really). When presented with the dishes, each dish delighted more than the next. The timing was impeccable, the plating and colors and tastes to match, which really equated to perfection. The amazing layers of flavors were also to note. Some of my favorite dishes during the night included the Duck with honey lemon peppercorn gastrique, local summer beans, shallot confit, and wheat grain, Arctic char “Viennoise,” foudue of spinach, carrot vichy, beech mushrooms, beurre blanc, and jasmine rice, the Tuna Tartar “Nicoise”, poached quail egg, watermelon, anchovy cream, and especially the desserts made by Pasty Chef Kate Stiens Lopez.  This night encompassed a ballet of flavors and sights to delight. While enjoying the cuisine, the art around you, your company, the wine or champagne, your senses are delighted even more, as a view is revealed mid-dining experience, depending on the time you dine. The details in this restaurant have completely exceeded my expectations. Upscale dining is what Cincinnati has needed, and L has delivered just that. If you are looking to what restaurant I will be at when in Cincinnati, find me where art is created; find me at L. The Downtown restaurant is located inside Queen City Square at 301 E. Fourth St. Call (513) 760-5525 FOR MORE OF THIS REVIEW CLICK HERE 



Traditions new and old will carry on thanks to artisanal cheese and provisions shop, The Rhined. The Rhined specializes in domestic artisanal and farmstead cheeses.  One of my favorite experiences while living in France was the ability to head to my favorite fromagerie on my way home, it was almost ritualistic. Now that The Rhined is open,  I am not only going to pop in for their cheese flights and vino, but i’ll be able to continue the tradition here in Cincinnati, Ohio. You don’t always have to fly across the big pond for spectacular cheese and wine.

I am more than excited that The Rhined is joining the blossoming yet proudly established food scene, here in Cincinnati, Ohio, specifically OTR. Just call me the gourmet Minnie Mouse, because I will be at The Rhined quite a bit. Make sure to attend the much anticipated grand opening this Friday from 2-8PM // Click here for more information.   





The Rhined’s goal is to introduce Cincinnati to the amazing cheeses being produced right here in the states and support the artisan cheesemakers and farmers who create their products in responsible and sustainable ways.

The Rhined offers retail cheese and all the accompaniments to create the perfect cheese board.  They also offer a regular and rotating selection of cheese flights, along with accompaniments, that you can enjoy in the shop.  The bar area is perfect for cheese nibbles and sips of wine,  and the decor in wonderfully minimalistic. I am an absolute sucker for those tile floors. If you are a cheese guru, you know a bit a jam is always a necessity for a devine fromage experience. Local preserves and jams are also available at the Rhined. The Rhined also offers a small curated selection of wine and beer, that you can enjoy in the shop or to take home to pair with newly purchased cheese.

My favorite cheese right now // Casatica di Bufala


Check out The Rhined now! 


Monday – closed

Tues to Fri – 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday – 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Sunday – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


1737 Elm St.
Cincinnati, OH  45202

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Foodie Friday//  Top 20 Places to Eat + Drink Summer 2017 in Cincinnati, OH


1.Salazar //  With the seasons changing, so are the menu’s, and to our tastebuds delight. Salazar is still a leader in flavors, presentation, dining experience, service, cocktails (Oh yes), and more. When heading to Salazar this Summer, make sure to try and dine outside at the bar/tables if available. Your senses will be delighted. (Try and reserve a seat right around sunset)




2. PLEASE // I have kept my eye on PLEASE since before it was a brick and mortar and just a concept. Please has more than propelled to further establish Cincinnati as a culinary mecca for Chefs, artists, and food enthusiasts alike. As an art dealer, I see art in everything. Please is art in its entirety. Please offers a dining experience that will completely make you forget it is 88 degrees outside, and that we are in the midwest. I adore everything about Please. The food is impeccably inventive, thoroughly thought out, and each time I am able to dine, a new experience pleasantly unfolds.


3. Pleasantry // Dine outside this week for their 1st Year anniversary. Pleasantry’s outside space, paired with an amazing food and wine list, is a more than wonderful spot for anything from a first date, to brunch with friends, family, or your long time honey. An intimate setting on the inside, I usually like dining at one of the tables by the entrance, but if you can, go outside.

For the rest of the list  CLICK HERE  

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